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When talking about supplements, healthy diet, wellness, weight loss or sports nutrition, our name is at the latest mentioned regarding supplements, fitness-nutrition or sports supplements. Beautytemple - offers a broad product range to support your efforts regarding a healthy diet, mental performance in the office and weight loss, as without the right diet the body does not burn fat.

We also offer healthy water systems for example reverse osmosis systems, Directflow-easy osmosis systems, osmosis-faucets, 3 in 1 osmosis water faucets, house water filters, storage tanks just to mention some. No other method cleans the water so effectively as the recognized and proven method of reverse osmosis. In the tap water is forced with pressure against a synthetic, semi-permeable (semipermeable) membrane. This is permeable to water molecules but for all the impurities of tap water is not. On the other side of the membrane is collected so only clean water. The impurities are flushed directly into wastewater. To push the water through the membrane, it is sufficient, the pressure of tap water. The result is of high purity water - clear, soft and easily digestible! You can even get it with mineral supplementation.

Many success stories support the Beautytemple-product range : no stress necessary!

Very important: vitamins, minerals, macro-nutrients, protein, carbon hydrates

Power bars, vitamin and protein products - ingredients exactly put together according to your needs. Natural (chelated=greatest biofeed range) mineral products, amino acids and carbon hydrates complete your personal, balanced fitness and nutritional diet. Our product range covers highly esteemed companies like Natura Vitalis, platinum products, nature secrets, aloe vera products, etc.

The following pages in our shop present some highlights regarding our range of products. Worldwide successful products* like i.e. reverse osmosis systems, directflow-easy systems, osmosis faucets, 3 in 1 osmosis faucets, house water filters, storage tanks out of stainless steel, spirulina, black (cumin) seed oil as well as kitchen appliances like the Power Mill Mixer and the Champion juicer.

Regarding further information about weight loss, dieting advice, fat burners, natural performance increase (i.e. better concentration in the office and during exams) etc. is offered by competent online and offline advisors !
Today, health is a big issue and it has become very important to include supplements in our daily diet. Through more and more scientific articles and studies in expert literature as well as according to more and more experts it gets obvious, that the nutritional value of our food is not any more the way it was 100 years ago and that we do not any more eat the balanced way we should. More and more fast-food is conquering our daily lives.

And then there is the problem of an overwhelming variety of supplements like minerals, marco nutrients, vitamins on the market. Also sports and fitness require a higher necessity in vitamins and minerals than John Doe has to take. And the physical workout is not any more the way it once was.

Order now and help yourself and your family to stay healthy and have a long active life.


* All statements regarding these products have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Children and youngsters may take the products under the supervision of a legal representative or a medical doctor. If you are under medical supervision, consult with your physician before taking these products. The following products are not available any more starting 2008 : spirulina 2000, spirulina and calcium.

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